-I'll be there in 5, just gotta BREASE first.

BREASE is scientific breathing music. A tool to cope with our demanding modern lifestyle.

BREASE curates tailored playlists to deal with different issues like sleeping, stress and performances. Our unique concept is used by teachers,  kids, students, depressed, cheerfull, athletes and business people all around the world (Breathing Cycles). It's quick, easy, natural, clean and always available. 

HOW: Press play and follow the music with your breath.

WHY: Slower breathing it the easiest way to get present and focused. 

WHAT  IS   B R E  A    S      E

Spotify is our platform. Easy for us, easy for you. 

When familiar with the concept, you can make your own playlists.

Follow BREASE on Spotify, and browse the artist playlists. Save the ones you need for later. 

When you need to BREASE, you don't want to spend time searching for it.


BREASE is music

that tells no story 

It's a tool to deal with life

Put headphones on

Breathe slowly in with your nose

Breathe it all out with your mouth

The music leads you


Øyvind (creator and user)


Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud


We live in a world of stress. You can buy all sorts of products and courses that promise you the good life you deserve. 

I dont. This is free (*as long as you have Spotify).

There is no quick fix for depression, insomnia, anxiety, the desire to perform at best, finding the balance between family life and work, or feeling confident. But there is a quick way to lower your heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol, release endorphins and increase the melatonin production. 

Breathing is autonomous, but controlling the breath when it’s needed is possibly the easiest life hack available. 



To BREASE is a new verb to cope with different challenges of our stressful modern lifestyle. It’s short pieces of music with a unique breathing pattern. An available and effective tool that you always have in your pocket. We have curated playlists to quick and easy deal with issues like sleeping, presentations, performances, anxiety, stress etc.



Me: I made breathing music to deal with my head many years ago. Over the years, many others needed it as well. The first album «5 Stille Moments» was released by Øyvind Blikstad, the next ones by Breathing Cycles. The previously released breathing music is long tracks with a fixed breathing ratio. BREASE is customizable and easier to adapt to specific needs. Quick and easy, intuitive and always available.


«I BREASE to reset my head after work to be a present father and husband».

-Øyvind Blikstad


«I always BREASE before class»



«I’ll be there in 5, gotta BREASE first»


*if you dont have Spotify, but use other streaming services, «BREASE Pieces» is available on most streaming services, but the playlists are only on Spotify. Feel free to make playlists on other services as well!



Sit up straight or lay down on your back

Put your headphones on and start the music

When you breathe in, feel the stomach rise

When you breathe out, feel the stomach descend

Try not rising the chest when breathing in

Imagine pulling the lungs down towards the navel and the pelvis area. (diaphragmatic breathing).

Close your eyes

Continue the breathing exercise

Think of something that makes you happy before opening your eyes

You'll probably yawn and feel dizzy the first times. Many starts to cry. Thats normal. Think of it as releasing something inside. 


Do not brease and drive.

Do not push yourself. 

Brease on your own responsibility. 

TIP: To calm kids down, tell them have both feet steady on the floor and say "breee" when inhaling and "sssssss" as long as possible on the exhale. Repeat twice. PS: This is also a good way to deal with flight anxiety or other panic attacks. 

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EKKO Samfunnspodden (in norwegian)

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A BREASE Piece is like a lego brick of music. It can be connected to all the other pieces and you are able to build the playlist you want. All the BREASE Pieces start with breathing in, followed by breathing out. The track names have numbers to show the breathing tempo in seconds. E.g. «Ease 4i-8o» = 4 seconds of breathing in and 8 seconds of breathing out. The tracks without numbers does not have a breathing pattern.


There are 55 pieces in this package, and its categorized like this:

«Breath» are just the breathing pattern. A wave that moves from the right side to the left side. This leads your breathing pattern. It may be good for sleeping, or inward focusing. 

«Ease» is music when breathing in and reverb when breathing out. May be good to ease pain. Focus on breathing into an area, and imagine you are releasing it when breathing out.

«Coherence» is piano music with 6i-6o. Coherent breathing is a concept developed by Stephen Elliot, and we're allowed to use the name by him.

«Peace» play on the mark of inhaling and exhaling. A good way to start a session.

«Golden Ratio» has 1,618 times longer exhalation time. 

«Bells» is 1-4 hits in a minute. 

«Music» is musical tracks with a breathing pattern.

«Fluid» is tracks without a pulse. This can be used for pauses.

«478» is 4 seconds in, holding for 7 seconds, and 8 seconds out.

«Ambience» are sounds like rain, ocean waves, fireplace and birds.